Curious Intersection of Ancient Text and Modern Life

Finding A Common Connection – episode 1 of “Curious Intersection of Ancient Text & Modern Life”

This is the initial video of our new weekly series :The Curious Intersection of Ancient Text & Modern Life”. Each 5 minute episode explores ancient truth from this week’s lectionary, connects to our current situation in modern life and asks the question how this intersection might inform our path forward.

Star Gazing – Episode 2

What can we learn from the ancient biblical text concerning the Ascension of Jesus that we can apply to our modern life path? Come ponder a moment or two on the curious intersection of ancient wisdom informing modern life.

Who shall speak for us Now? At the Intersection of ancient text and modern life.

Why would Peter choose this passage to introduce following Jesus as a way of life? Pentecost, the gift enabling them to leave the safety of the Upper Room also made this into a time of crisis and great change for the disciples. Perhaps Peter is using this passage to emphasize that old men famous for being set in their ways must now purposely be open to God’s new messages? As in your old men shall dream dreams. How does this ancient text inform our modern way of life?

Hope is in the Beholding.

A reflection that uses the ancient wisdom of Romans 5 and Genesis 1 to provide a guide as to how we can find Hope in the midst of the current despair that grips the heart our modern society. What makes your soul to sing?

Must there be conflict?

Using the disturbing ancient wisdom of Matthew 10:34 “I have not come to bring peace, but a sword” we explore the question for our modern society of “Must there be conflicts?” particularly at the critical intersection of distributive justice and our life journey.